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What really is the co-drivers job?

Know WHERE to go WHEN

  • Know the schedule (make sure you have the newest)
  • Know where to be:
    • Registration
    • Tech (Scrutineering)
    • Odometer Check
    • Practice Stage
    • Parc Expose
    • Driver's Meeting
    • First Car Off (start order)
    • Party, etc.
  • Know the other co-drivers - pick their brains

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Comment of KUQFy9nQSD:
I learnt with Be Wise' drvinig school and my instructor was Barry. Barry was great! He was always patient with me and encouraging when I had difficulty with different maneuver's.I felt Be Wise was value for money each lesson was only a320 which for me was great since I am only earning a part-time salary. I really enjoyed learning to drive and with a friendly, positive instructor. I looked forward to each lesson. And with simple techniques I picked up the skills easily and quickly. Also, I felt I passed fairly quickly in less than 9 months. Compared to many of my friends who started at the same time, if not before, and still have not passed! And now I have a car in time for my 18th which is awesome So thanks Barry, from Nicole! (PASSED Dec 2010)
Added at: 2015-11-10 07:55

Comment of Yl1XjfgbFVa:
Let me simply say that leniarng with Barry made me pass my driving test with no minors.So much so that my examiner in Tolworth told me the drive was boring as there was nothing he could find fault.Barry is a perfect instructor and caters to each individuals needs perfectly. I have since recommended at least two friends who have both been extremly happy with his lessons and their progress into confident,safe and knowledgable drivers.Barry teaches students to give a limo drive experience,to always look ahead and to be aware of everything happening around the car.With good priced lessons and an adaptable schedule Barry delivers as a man of his word.I really enjoyed lessons and gained confidence to become a good driver.I highly recommend Barry to anyone any age or experience to learn with him,you wont be disappointed!!!!
Added at: 2015-11-11 05:00

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Added at: 2015-11-13 03:54

Comment of 3IeT1GYdK3:
Nancy L / Is the ccnoert in AZ on Sept. 17 a full ccnoert or just a couple of songs? When will we get more information on it?Thanks for the great new site. I hope you have Matt Clayton on retainer to do new weekly (could we have daily?) photos of David! Is there a way to have one central place that has new information and maybe points in the direction of video, tour information, or whatever it is that is new?Green bars are covering David's face at top. No offense, but David's face is much better to look at than green bars if you have to make a choice.Keep up the David humor. You really know us fans.
Added at: 2015-11-14 17:53

Comment of Ha4zt8CM2g:
admin / How I wish we had someone like Matt Clayton on retneair. Would you like to contribute the money to do that? Yeah, I would too if I had it. The site is meant to be that central place, but I know what you mean. Sign up for the Newsletter for now and we'll work making what's new even clearer.I have a problem about the green bars. They don't cover his face on my computer. If you could send a screenshot to and let me know what browser, we'll see what can be done. http://okaxzhu.com [url=http://ygancfqbc.com]ygancfqbc[/url] [link=http://rsiepjv.com]rsiepjv[/link]
Added at: 2015-11-15 00:47

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