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What is the general flow at an event?

Your tasks as a navigator and team member at an event go something like this:

  1. Meet with your team
  2. Check into motel/campground/find a floor to sleep on
  3. Do registration with driver and crew (see What should I do at registration?)
  4. Check the notice board
  5. Do car preparation such as stickers, last-minute fixes, etc. (see What should I check before the event begins?)
  6. Do scrutineering with car and driver and crew (see What should I do at scrutineering (tech)?)
  7. Do odometer check
  8. Do practice stage (optional)
  9. Go to Parc Expose
  10. Check the notice board
  11. Start the event with the first MTC
  12. Run the transits and stages
  13. Check scores if you can with other competitors during waits at stage starts
  14. Check notice board and scores at service stops
  15. Check into last MTC
  16. Check scores and notice board
  17. Party!

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